Please note that all rooms are located in the Tisch building at 721 Broadway:

Performance Studies Studio 612 (6th floor)
Performance Studies Classroom 613 (6th floor)
Dean’s Conference Room (12th floor)

Friday 4/13

1pm – 2:15pm

Around and Across      (PS STUDIO 612)

“Exilic Intersects: Friendships in Flight”
Lucas Girino (Lua) & Joanna Ruth Evans

“Moving Together: Duets, Periperformativity, and Migration”
Vanessa Vargas & Nelesi Rodriguez

Moderator: Christina Yang

>2      (PS CLASSROOM 613)

“1+1=3: Or, An Intergalactic Consideration of Coupledom”
Sage Russo & Lane Lewis

“Cracking the Shell: Is It Possible to Build a Publishing Project From Vulnerability?”
Amelia Santana & Marcela Rodríguez (Pequeño Pato Salvaje – Laboratorio Editorial)

Moderator: Taylor Black

2:30pm – 4:30pm

Performances    (PS STUDIO 612)

“Charcoal Foot Travels 2.0”
Nicole C. Limón & Andrea Yaya Porras

“Two-Top, Party of Three”
Denise Rogers Valenzuela & Em Piro

MC: Lakshmi Padmanabhan

4:45pm – 6pm

B(e)-Sides       (PS STUDIO 612)

“The Gay Divorcee and An Unmarried Woman”
Marissa Brostoff & Ethan Philbrick

“The (Unhappy) Coupling of High and Low Culture”
Andi Schwartz & Morgan Bimm

Moderator: Andrea Long Chu


“Like Mother, Like Daughter”
Vanessa Meyer

“The Machinic Couple: Personhood, Care, and Robotic Technologies”
Erin Obodiac

“Microbial Life and the Permeability of Borders”
Nicole Clouston

Moderator: Michelle Pfeifer

7pm – 8pm      (PS STUDIO 612)

Opening Remarks: Olivia Michiko Gagnon & James McMaster

Keynote: “Certains Couples
Imre Lodbrog et sa Petite Amie
(A.K.A., Barbara Browning & Sébastien Régnier)

Introduced by: Olivia Michiko Gagnon & James McMaster

8pm – 9pm      (PS STUDIO 612)

Keynote: “On The Hundreds: Collaboration, Engagement, Attention”
Lauren Berlant & Kathleen Stewart

Introduced by: Fred Moten

9pm – onwards

Saturday 4/14

10am – 11:30am      (PS STUDIO 612)

Workshop: “We Don’t Know What It Is…We Think It Can Be Anything: Fusion Dance as Queer Pedagogy and Space Making”
Fenella Kennedy

12pm – 1:15pm

On Isadora and Gertrude      (PS STUDIO 612)

“Orta Davray”
Hannah Brooks-Motl & Ingrid Becker

Moderator: Wendy Lotterman

Holding Space, Keeping Time      (DEAN’S CONFERENCE ROOM)

“Meeting Ground”
Sarah Richter & Yve Laris Cohen

“Keeping Casual Time Together”
Leticia Robles-Moreno & Sareh Z. Afshar

Moderator: Christina Yang

2pm – 4pm      (PS STUDIO 612)


Selections from “Fucking with Philosophers”
Kegels for Hegel

Zeelie Brown & Yatta Zoker

MC: Cynthia Delgado

4:15pm – 5:30pm

Academic Alliances      (PS STUDIO 612)

“Fake Proposal for a Co-Authored Dissertation”
Tara Aisha Willis & Jaime Shearn Coan

“We Out Here to Win: The Couple Form as Tactic”
Kemi Adeyemi & Sampada Aranke

Moderator: Tiana Reid

Fight or Flight      (DEAN’S CONFERENCE ROOM)

“‘I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost(ing)’: Refusal, Haunting and Suspension”
Bryony White & Rafael Lubner

“Between Antagonism and Eros: The Feud as Couple Form in Professional Wrestling”
Broderick Chow & Eero Laine

Moderator: Jehan Roberson

6:30pm – 7:30pm      (PS STUDIO 612)

Keynote: “Making Some Lorca”
Alexandra T. Vazquez & Germán Labrador Méndez

Introduced by: Malik Gaines

7:30pm – 8:30pm      (PS STUDIO 612)

Keynote: “Cancer Twins”
Lisa Duggan & Anna McCarthy

Introduced by: Karen Shimakawa

Closing Party at VON BAR (3 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012)